Cork Minimalist Wallet

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This corature cork minimalist wallet / card holder works great for travel.

When you want to carry all of your essentials in a tight and neat package. Throw it into your pocket and you'll barely notice it's even there.

Great for apartment security cards, metro / train cards, or any kind of card really.

Cork unlike other woods does not harm the tree when it is extracted. The cork oak is the only tree in the world where the bark can be stripped in its entirety and it grows back, doing no damage to the tree itself. Not only does it grow back but a stripped cork oak tree takes in 300-500% more CO2 than an unstripped tree. A material made for the future.

  • 3 quick access credit / debit card slots
  • Inside pocket for cash
  • Additional compartment for receipts or business cards
  • ID Window for quick and easy viewing
  • Lightweight
  • Measures 3 x 0.1 x 4.1 inches

Made In: China

Shipped From: United States