Premium Ties Hand Crafted to Last

2016 marked the 43rd Anniversary of Ruth & Charles.

Our genuine handmade ties are beautifully woven, meticulously crafted using time-tested strategies, superior in quality.

Our Detailed Process

The Fabric Cutting

Original Cuts are made at a 45-degree angle so that our ties can hang and drape naturally. This allows for flexibility which alleviates the stress on the tie itself from everyday wear. The tie cutting prices are done skillfully by hand so that the fabric is maximized and is not put to waste.


The Tipping

This is where the joining of the three pieces of the tie is stitched together. This is a very critical stage as we verify that the tie fits together so that it hangs correctly after it is completed. The neckband is formed by joining the tie’s 3 distinct sections where on the back of the tie, as well as near the end, the tipping is added. “The Tipping” is regarded as the extra piece of silk or polyester that is added to the tie.  Tipping gives a unique feature to the shell of the tie.


The Turned & Piece Pressing

The shell is then turned over on the reverse to form the point. The point is then sewn and hemmed. This is when the pockets are pressed. Then we check to see if the tie matches our requirements. In this stage, the piecing of the tie is pressed flat so that no extra bulkiness is added to the tie. “The Piecing” of the tie is the joint of the tie which resides at the neck.


The Linning

A quality check is then done to the tie, ensuring that it meets our standards. The interlining of your tie is then “slip stitched” to the outer shell with handpicked thread that runs through the middle of your tie. This is where the details of a handmade tie are shown. Higher quality ties are made by hand stitching because it offers maximum wearability. This part is also critical so that the tie hangs properly after the tie is worn. During this  process, lower quality ties  are stitched using high-speed sewing machines in order to produce more quantity of ties.


The Finale

At this point, another quality check is completed. Right before the tie is pressed for the final time, The tie is  turned right side out. Depending on the garment you select when you subscribe, the lining is tucked by hand into the bottom corner of the longer end of the tie. The icing on the cake is the hand sewn loop that serves as a holder that is placed on the back of the longer end of the tie. One last quality check is placed. Once completed, your tie is now ready to be shipped.


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