Making a Difference

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“Others see what is and asked why. You should see what could be and ask why not.”

-Pablo Picasso

One Mission

Given the immediate need for educational opportunities in economically distressed countries, we seek to make a global impact by opening a school in Ghana. Our model connects each Beyond Ties Member to one purpose: To instill an educational future for children in the developing world.

My Story

Often times I found myself researching how many children in India did not receive quality education. I found that it was not limited to one country, many children around the world did not get an opportunity to get quality education.  At that time, I felt it was impossible to change millions of lives. I felt hopeless.  I saw two options in front of me, either make a change in a few people’s lives, or have more people join my mission, because it’s not a one-person problem.  I chose to have more people join my mission.  And that’s why I created Beyond Ties.

Education empowers a person to make great change in their lives.  Beyond Ties mission is to build a school in 2017 in Ghana and hopefully many more in the future. At Beyond Ties a portion of our sales go to fund a school built by pencils of promise, one of many organizations around the world working to provide education.

Your style is not just the way you look, but it is how you tell the wold who you are, and as a Beyond Ties member, you are telling your family, friends, and colleagues  that you are on a mission to change the world and that you are willing to do your part, no matter how big or small that part may be.

With your help, we will help thousands of children around the world. Join Beyond Ties today to get started on your journey.


Sadiq Prasla
Founder & Chairman of Beyond Ties

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Educational Statistics of Ghana

  • Pecent of children enrolled in secondary school. 48%
  • percent of the population is illiterate 33%
  • percent of primary school children that drop out before completing primary school. 28%